SIF 96 Catch Up with Mr. Lee

SIF 96 up with our distinguished guest from Shanghai, Mr Lee Heng Peng. Turn back the time to Singapore circa 1996. But the later the night, the discussion became deep on philosophical questions: purpose of life, life change after 40s.. haha. But still feel young hanging out with these folks! ☺️

We started the evening by dinner at Sulawesi restaurant in Menara BTPN, serving variety of spicy dishes from Sulawesi area. Great food!

Intentionally, Miki and I brought over old pictures from the time we had in Singapore 22 years ago. It was fun flipping those old photos. Such great memories! It’s amazing how those 4.5 months in Singapore together have bonded our friendship for lifetime. 1-2 hours chat wouldn’t be enough with these folks. So we continued with coffee until midnight.

Look at the faces! We might be over 40s now, but still very much young at heart ❤️


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