Pertandingan Tidak Penting

Kemarin sebelum pertandingan perebutan gelar juara ketiga Piala Dunia 2018, terjadi perdebatan di lini masa Twitter. Penyebabnya, salah satu akun pembawa acara sepakbola nasional Pangeran Siahaan (@pangeransiahaan), menuliskan kalau pertandingan antara Belgia dan Inggris ini adalah “Pertandingan paling gak penting” Sontak, followers dan netizen twitter bereaksi. Banyak yang protes dengan tweet tersebut. Menyebutkan partai ini…

Bye St. Petersburg! Back to Moscow!

it’s time to say goodbye St. Petersburg! We’ve been privileged with the beauty and warmth of this city and its nice people. Not to mention the great football games! Now we’re back to Moscow, riding the high-speed train Sapsan 🚅💨 Off we go!

St. Petersburg White Nights

We were staying late in St Petersburg down town for documenting the “white nights” – although the sun sets at 10.30 pm, the sky is never completely dark. Or in photographer’s term, the “blue hours” stay longer. Much longer. It’s actually a dream scene for landscape photographers. I could have spent hours to roam around…

Walking the Neighborhood Like Locals

Spent this morning walking around the neighborhood of our apartment in St. Petersburg, Богатырский prospect. We walked to the nearest supermarket, which is around 2 km from our place. But walking is no problem here, the weather is nice, and the pedestrian is big and clean.

St. Petersburg Fan Fest

Watching England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 vs Croatia 🇭🇷 at St. Petersburg Fan Fest. We hoped to see England to win the game and advance to the final. But it wasn’t meant to be. Croatia was the better team. So it’s fair result. No, football is not coming home, but England is not going home yet either. They…