Bye St. Petersburg! Back to Moscow!

it’s time to say goodbye St. Petersburg! We’ve been privileged with the beauty and warmth of this city and its nice people. Not to mention the great football games!

Now we’re back to Moscow, riding the high-speed train Sapsan 🚅💨

Off we go!

The Sapsan train was first in service in 2009, serving route of Moscow-St. Petersburg, the exact train we ride today.

There are 10 carriers in every train, which travel at 250 km per hour.

Our ride to St Petersburg will take about 3.5 hours. A regular train will take 9 hours for the same route.

This is the view of the train terminal in St Petersburg station.

They serve sandwich, water and coffee on this trip.

With bigger leg room for the passenger, relatively safer journey and less security pre-departure than airplane, travelling with high-speed train is much more convenient.

Looking forward for Jakarta-Bandung and Jakarta-Surabaya high speed train!


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