Haji Naim Traditional Treatment Centre

I woke up this morning finding out my sprained knee demanded further treatment. Some of my friends suggested “Haji Naim”, a traditional treatment centre for muscular pain and dislocated bones. So here we go.

Located in Jalan MPR 3 Dalam, Cipete, Haji Naim is very popular. Currently run by his sons, the treatment centre is known for long queue time for 5 mins treatment. Luckily this morning, I only waited for 1 patient. Well, that was very lucky because waiting there for hours is surely not fun, as you have to witness patients (mostly children) cry, suffering from the pain while they are being treated.

Mine only lasts for 5 minutes, and after few minutes I felt better afterwards, even though it still need few days to fully recover. The payment? They don’t set a charge fee, so you can put your money in the box as you wish to give them. As this place also serves for alternative medication place for those in needs, I understand the cross-subsidy model, and pay a little extra. Alhamdulillah.

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