Indonesia Election Day 2014 – Dont Take for Granted. It’s a Blessing for Indonesia. We are the Winners!


Today is election day for Indonesia. Everybody embraces the day with joy. Not necessarily because this is the day we will define our nation’s future for the next five years, but because today is declared as holiday by the government. Yeay! So everybody’s happy.

But of course, as responsible citizen, I and Elok went to the voting post to exercise our rights. The election process went very smooth, only with short time queueing. In my voting post, everybody looks cheerful, and waiting for her turn patiently. And judging from the television news this morning, it seems to be the case for most part of Indonesia.

It is a blessing for Indonesia.

Which sometime we took this for granted.

In a multi-diverse ethnic, race and religion nation like Indonesia, it is actually very prone for conflicts and clashes between these groups to happen. But Alhamdulillah we seem to go through this in Indonesia with peace. I’m not sure if this is because of deeply-rooted Indonesian culture of “tepo seliro” (respect each other) or as some academician think, was part of Soeharto administration’s success to eliminate religion and class political movement in New Order era. But in any case, we are blessed.



Take a look what happened in Thailand. Or worse, what is currently happening in middle east countries like Egypt or Syria or in Ukraine. Indonesia has all ingredients to be in that situation. But we are not. And that’s why I said that “We” are the real winner of this election. Happy voting! May Allah bless Indonesia!




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