Planning for SIF Asean Visiting Student Fellowship 96 Second Reunion

SIF 96 First Reunion in 2010
SIF 96 First Reunion in 2010

The picture above was taken when we, Singapore International Foundation Asean Visiting Student Fellowship Batch 96 (let’s just call ‘SIF 96’), had our first reunion in Singapore. That was a blast, meeting 14 fellows from Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand and Malaysia who we spent memorable time together in Singapore back in 1996.

During that reunion, we agreed to meet again sometimes in near future. And you know what, it’s been four years since that event. So yes, time to plan for another reunion!

As in any event, time and venue of event can become a critical deciding factor. When we discussed this over Facebook, the fellows toyed the idea of having this 2nd reunion in other place than Singapore. Time is relatively less an issue, as we broadly agreed to do it by end of August of early September this year. To decide this democratically (haha!), I initiated a survey using SurveyMonkey tools, so the fellows can cast their vote: to decide WHERE and WHEN the 2nd Reunion will be.

So here we go.. the survey results… drum rolls please….


13 fellows entered their votes and decide when we should have second reunion. 9 out of 13 fellows voted to have this reunion on the weekend of 29-31 August 2014 instead of early September 2014 So there you go guys, book your tickets now!

Q1. When we should have our Second Reunion?
Question 1 Results

But, where? Next question, please.


Facing with the second question which ask the fellow to rank the possible place/venue of second reunion, the fellows entered mixed responses. But in the end, SINGAPORE is a clear winner, followed by Phillipines in second place. The beautiful scene of beaches in Bali, Thailand are not enough to lure the fellows to strongly vote for these place. Maybe because it’s reunion, it’s the best thing to have in the city we were all first met!

Question 2. Where should we have our Second Reunion?
Question 2. Where should we have our Second Reunion?


So there you go guys, plan your trip, and see you in SINGAPORE, 29-31 AUGUST 2014!


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