My Annual Golf Review 2015

Pictures of me and my golf buddies in 2015
Here it comes again, time for annual golf review 2015. I did it first in year 2012, then 2013. I did not do the same last year, as my health condition did not allow me to play full game of golf on that year. So I’m happy to report that my health condition is back to allow me play golf normally again. Alhamdulillah!

While for 2012 and 2013 I used mainly Golfshot excellent apps on iOS to track my golf stats, this year, it got a new company: Game Golf. I bought this device while I was on holiday in Dubai in August 2015, and have used it for more than 10 rounds, I found it satisfies the hunger of golf stats in me! I shared some of examples below. But I’ll share that on different time.

As for now, here we go for my golf stats…

1. My Golf Stats

  • I played 26 full-round of golf this year (18 holes), a bit less from 2013, and definitely less than I would have liked!
Scoring Statistics
  • My average score for the year was 86.9. This is +15 over par. Which was worse than my average score in 2013, but actually slightly better than 2012. Given on the first half of the year was considered as “recovery time” after 6 months of hiatus, this is understandable. (I already felt grateful to be able to play again!).

  • This score consist of 2% birdies, 31% parts, 49% bogies and 18% double bogies or worse. I actually managed to reduce my % of double bogies compared to 2013, but made less birdies. Which is good, actually. I prefer to play consistent, solid golf than occasionally brilliant yet prone to disaster at times!
Fairway hits stats
  • My fairway hits stats continue to be my best stats, with 69.8% fairway hits. Recently I changed my swing and tee off routine, which resulted in increase of my driving distance and accuracy. My Game Golf stats confirmed this.
Greens in Regulation stats
  • My Greens in Regulation (GIRs) is slightly worse than 2013. 28% now, decreased from 33.3% before.
Putting stats
  • But thankfully, the reduced GIRs is helped by slight improvement in putting stats. My putting averages is now 1.87 per hole, down from 1.89 in 2013. My switch to new putter and grip actually helped improving this.
Hole view, shot by shot on my Game Golf mobile app
  • Thanks to my new device, GameGolf, I’m now able to track all of my shots distance and how I played on the course, as it tracked my round shot by shot, based on the GPS location and mapped into golf course map. Here is the stats of my club shot distance, which is I think pretty consistent with what I thought. What it taught me was, that I need to rely more on the ’typical shot’ distance, rather than the ‘maximum distance’ which we often use when selecting clubs. As the typical shot distance shows the average distance of our clubs in all shot attempts.

Game Golf tells me my typical distance of every club that I used
2. New Equipments

  • I changed two equipments this year. First, is my Driver, which I changed to Yamaha RMX Driver 10.5, replacing my Callaway Razr Fit. I had no real issue with my old Driver, to be honest, but just thinking it might help me to gain more distance. Which was not really 🙂
  • Secondly, I changed my putter to Odyssey Versa 7 with SuperStroke Grip. I had problems all year with my putting (putting was never be my strength, anyway). But this actually was the better change, as I felt more confident on my short and makeable putts. The extra large grip on SuperStroke did minimize my wrist action.
My new putter – Odyssey Versa 7 with SuperStroke grip
  • As I mentioned above I had a new golf gadget, which is Game Golf. I bought it while I was on family holiday in Dubai. So far, it works great for me. I promised to post review over this device, but hasn’t been able to finish it. Someday, I promise 🙂

3. Other Highlights

  • I joined three office tournaments this year. Failed miserably on the first two tournaments, I finally got a trophy on the last tournament held in Bali National Golf. I got Best Net 3, which could have been Best Net 1, if I didn’t make triple bogey on the last hole. It hurts.
Thanks to GameGolf, I can relive my final hole debacle on the last tournament. Phil, Adam, I know how it feels bro. LOL
  • During my family holiday in Dubai, I took the chance to play 9 holes night golf in Nick Faldo Couse, Emirates Golf Club. I posted my full experience here.

That’s all for my golf review in 2015. I aim for playing more golf this year (my personal target is 40 rounds). I hope with more rounds, I will be able to play better golf and lower my handicap. Oh and one more thing: hope I overcome my health issues this year, and enjoy a year-long golf without absence! Insya Allah Aaamiin.

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