The New Face of An Old Town in Semarang

Gereja Blenduk seen from Taman Srigunting, a free public park for people to take a rest and pictures of the famous building

Semarang is not known as a city with many popular tourist attraction. They do have few, like this one, an old town complex with Dutch heritage buildings. But current city administration has been working hard to boost Semarang image by making Semarang a much cleaner city, and introducing additional attractions for tourists. 
The famous church and the street

At the Old Town, they developed Taman Srigunting, which serves as free public space for those who wants to take picture of the most famous building in the complex: Gereja Blenduk (Church GBI Immanuel). 

Antiques Shops

Next to the park, there are antiques shops which sell many interesting antiques from Dutch and post Independence era. Finally, we also found out an excellent coffee shop, a rejuvenated Spiegel Coffee place, which I’ll share in my next post. Great job, Semarang!!

Asuransi Jiwasraya building, one of heritage building still used as office building
Elok enjoyed her time at the Antiques Shop. Bought a set of china tea set as well!
Rafif was fascinated with the old technology gadgets. He was so amazed how most of these stuffs are now replaced with one single iPhone of his 🙂
Some of the antique stuffs

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