Cologne’s Sparkling Christmas Market

Four of us in front of the market and Cologne Cathedral
Cologne with its famous Christmas Market became our first stop in our Schengen Countries holiday. And it didn’t disappoint. Located around Cologne Cathedral, its bright lights, stalls full with interesting crafts & traditions, and the vibe created by thousands of locals and tourists spark the chill winter night. 
The market full of lights!
Locals love to drink and chat. Not for us though, as it’s mainly alcohol 🙂
Traditional crafts sold in the market
Main stage where there are traditional musical performances, singing mostly christmas songs
Merry go round, amusement for kids
Christmas Market at Heumarkt, our apartment neighborhood
We see many polices are deployed around the area, perhaps the effect of Berlin incident few days ago 😦

Typical stall that sells food and drinks. Too bad, many pork dishes and alcoholic drinks which we can’t eat 🙂
In front of Cologne Cathedral (Koln Dom)
Ice skating rink right at the front of our apartment

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