Early Morning Photo Hunting at Cologne

The bridge, the cathedral and the river – complete landmark of Koln
This morning, woke up really early due to jet lag, I used the time to roam the neighborhood and went photo hunting. Walked across to the east end of Hohenzollern Bridge, which is the popular spot to take picture of the bridge and the majestic cathedral. Happy with the captures. Time well spent 😉

Koln Train Station

It’s me with the majestic landmark

Dawn of morning at Rhine River

Kaiser Wilhelm Equestrian Statue at west end of Hohenzollern Bridge

Another shot of Kaiser Wilhelm Equestrian statue

This low angle shot was the first shot I take when I was out in the morning. It’s still dark albeit it was 7.15 am

The majestic Cathedral in details

You can find the lockets of love along the Hohenzollern Bridge. Right next to it is the rail track

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  1. Keren keren fotonyaaa.. enjoy the trip bro!

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