Our First Flight

It’s us down below!
Under heavy tutelage from my brother, Oyi, I and Rafif was finally able to fly our drone for the very first time. Feeling cagey and awkward on the controller, and felt bit of scared for crashing our drone at the first flight, Alhamdulillah it was a non-eventful flight. 

Taking off from our complex’s swimming pool area, we managed to make ‘Pelican’ (that’s the call sign of our Mavic anyway, taking name from Halo’s famous drop ship) hover, and fly around the complex. Here are the first pictures and videos from Pelican… and hopefully ones from many to come!

Pilot Rafif and Pelican. He is better in controlling this drone than me
Meet Pelican, our drone
The cool controller of Mavic Pro
One of the very first pictures from Pelican: our neighborhood at Cilandak Barat
The pilot and his ship
Controlling the Pelican


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  1. Sudut antena remotenya kurang pas tuh le, bikin di 45° ke arah aircraft utk jangkauan maksimal.

    Happy flying!

    1. ibenimages says:

      Oooh gitu… okay okay makasiih brother

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