Trying Out Toby’s Estate

Toby’s Estate Cup of Cappuccino
During Eid festive season, Pantai Indah Kapuk is one of the place in Jakarta where you can be sure the stores and restaurants are open, since this is known as residential area for many chinese Indonesian whose mostly are non moslems. 

Okay, but this post is not about race nore religion. It’s about us finding food for lunch, LOL. 

We did find it, but it was not remarkable one: Bakso Lapangan Tembak. Nice food, but you can find it somewhere else than in PIK. But at least it’s halal 😄, as PIK is also known as place of non-halal food restaurants in Jakarta. 

So after finishing our food, we look for something that we can only find in PIK. And that’s what lead us to Toby’s Estate, a coffee place from Australia, which is located in PIK Avenue Ground Floor. Elok happened to read it somewhere in internet, and we decided to go there.

The Coffee Bar

Signage – Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters
Arriving at the place, it was quite packed. We were asked if we were willing to be put in standby list, or it’s ok for us to sit by the coffee bar. We chose the latter.

And fortunately when we came inside, there was small table by the window which was available. It fit for four persons, so there we go.

Rafif picked the Truffle Fries
As we just had our lunch, we opted to go straight for the coffee.  I and Elok ordered cappuccino, while Aya and Rafif went for Affogato and Ice latte, respectively. Well, Rafif also ordered truffle fries as side dish, as apparently noodle at Bakso Lapangan Tembak wasn’t enough to fill his growing tummy.

Barista prepares our coffee
The cafe’s ambience

The coffee were good, creamy with strong coffee after taste. They served our cappuccino in no time, but unfortunately the affogato came after we almost finish the coffee. We understand it was packed day, but still the time to serve could’ve been much better.

In term of ambience, the cafe offers bright and modern ambience, albeit it’s a bit too crowded for our liking. Probably because it’s time of the year where people go out to malls as they don’t have maids at home 😉.

Despite we read in website that it is quite overpriced, in contrary we found the price was very reasonable. IDR35k (before tax) for such a nice cappuccino and place is right on the money.

But all in one, it was quite satisfying visit. Definitely worth for second visit, if we ever visit PIK Avenue again in the future.

The family of coffee lovers
Coffee machine
Wall for coffee enthusiast
Toby’s rack with distinctive Tzu Chi building at the background
Both are happy with the cappuccinos


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