Starbucks Dewata: Kenikmatan Kopi Hakiki di Pulau Dewata

Istri saya Elok selalu menyukai tempat-tempat yang happening. Salah satu tempat yang mulai happening di Bali, adalah outlet Starbucks terbaru. Terletak di Jalan Sunset Road, outlet ini dinamakan “Starbucks Dewata”. Konon merupakan outlet Starbucks terbesar di Asia Tenggara. Begitu masuk ke dalam, memang terasa bedanya. Atmosfirnya cozy. Cahaya matahari terang memasuki ruangan yang penuh dengan…

Tempat Ngopi Asyik di Banyuwangi

Dalam setiap kesempatan liburan, geng liburan kami selalu berupaya mencari tempat ngopi yang menarik. Great coffee, nice place and good friends are recipe for time well spent. Dan itulah esensi liburan, betul? Pada liburan kali ini di Banyuwangi, kami mengunjungi tiga tempat ngopi yang asyik. Uniknya, ketiganya memiliki daya tarik dan segmen pasar yang cukup…

Trying Out Toby’s Estate

During Eid festive season, Pantai Indah Kapuk is one of the place in Jakarta where you can be sure the stores and restaurants are open, since this is known as residential area for many chinese Indonesian whose mostly are non moslems.  Okay, but this post is not about race nore religion. It’s about us finding…

Morning Stop at Warkop Modjok 

On our way to Lembang, we accidentally passed by Warkop Modjok, a nice rustic place which is popular, or so they called “Instagrammable” spot. So we stop, have a sip a coffee, and took some pictures at this place. 

Spiegel Bar & Bistro: A Coffee Place with Long Heritage

When we’re exploring the rejuvenated Old Town of Semarang, we found this place, set up in an old Dutch heritage building next to ‘Gereja Blenduk’. As coffee addict who always look for cozy coffee place during our holiday, we didn’t hesitate ourselves to enter the cafe, escaped from the hot and humid afternoon of Semarang….