Starbucks Reserve: Not Your Regular Dose of Coffee Intake

“Pour over, please”
For die-hard coffee lovers, Starbucks coffee is synonim to KFC or other fast-food stall. It’s good only when you want to have quick grab, or when there’s lack of options but you want a familiar taste. 

Starbucks Reserve stall
Starbucks Reserve is introduced by the popular Seattle brand to lure the coffee connoisseurs who want beyond their regular dose of coffee intake.

And that’s exactly what my state of mind on this lazy Sunday morning. Already had my home made cappuccino this morning at home, doesn’t stop me to try the Starbucks Reserve offering at Plaza Senayan.

My coffee cup is waiting…

In this place, different to regular Starbucks’ outlet, you will find a more expensive cappuccino or latte (with better beans, presumably), or single origin coffee with couple of beans choice. It is also expected your coffee is not served quickly, as they will be prepared personally for you. 

Aside from choice of beans — today there are Colombian, East Timor, Sumateran and few others; you can also choose how your coffee is brewed: pour over, press, cold brew or syphon. Surely, choices that will satisfy coffee lovers.

For my visit today, I go for single origin, as I already had my cappuccino earlier. I asked the barista for strong and less acidity beans, which he suggested Colombian for me.  And it’s “Pour over, please”, as I ordered the coffee.

The barista grinded the coffee and showed me the grinded beans for me to smell. 


Check the temperature of boiled water
And shortly after he brewed my coffee using the pour over technique. The way the barista prepared the coffee: the exact water temperature he boiled, and the timing of which he poured the water over the coffee, are no rush. This is not your comfort coffee. This is a coffee served when you have time to relax l, and your enjoy the subtle difference of every beans or brewing method you picked. Nice.

My coffee is served, with biscuit

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