Couple Pictures in Paris: Help Us to Choose!

The five pictures we picked
As you all might see on my blog, we love to take couple pictures. Whenever we’re travelling, we always try to look for nice spots for taking picture of two of us with the unique scene in those locations. 

Yesterday in Paris was no exception. Of course, being in Paris, the romantic capital city of the world, the inspiration to take couple pictures ran high. We took many of them. Out of numerous photo shoots (mind you, it’s just us with tripod, we don’t hire photographers as celebrities do! 😅), we picked 5 pictures which we like most. 

Now we would like to enlarge, print and frame just one to hang it on our bedroom, replacing the old couple photo we took almost 10 years ago! So please, just for fun, help us to choose. Look at these 5 pictures below (‘Read More’), and click this link to pick your favorite. I’ll share the result in maximum of one week time! 

Merci beaucoup!

Photo 1 – Pour de Triomphe

This was taken in front of Arch de Triomphe in the morning. Took several shots not because we didn’t like our pose, but because there were random cars stopped right behind us. Come on Parisiens! 😡

Photo 2 – In Autumn Forest

I looked a this greeneries near the bench we sat at Champs du Mars. We always like the color of the leaves in autumn, and I guess this picture captures the autumn mood quite perfectly.

Photo 3 – Meet Up at Trocadero

Elok has this idea of taking this picture in stairs of Trocadero, as she saw pictures of her friend there. It took a bit of walk to go to Trocadero, but I guess it’s worth it.

Photo 4 – Take Me Back to Louvre

Yesterday Musee du Louvre was pack with visitors. The big field in front of the entrance, and its famous pyramid glass was full of people. Hence we had to look for angle which had the fewest people at the background. Talking about photo bombs, plenty of them! So we had to move to the shades to get this shot. Not perfect, but it will do. 

Photo 5 – Hold My Hands at Eiffel

Another take in Trocadero. This time getting the lower side of Eiffel more visible. It’s not an ideal time of the day to take the shot, hence the pale sky. Hence I tried to make a hi-key shot with more objects at the back ground.



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