Our Last Stop: Paris

After 10 days on the road together crossing countries in west europe, finally we arrived at our last stop in this tour: Paris, the capital city of France. 

This is the third time I came to Paris, so it’s safe to say I already visited (and take pictures with) Paris’ famous landmarks: Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triomphe, Musee de Louvre or Champs de Elysses. But as we’re visiting Paris with tour group, it does give different experience and we managed to see some other parts of Paris which we overlooked before. Here are some of the pictures and stories we took today:

The whole group in front of Arch de Triomphe
Mom and Elok along the trail full of autumn leaves on our way to Trocadero
At the Arche de Triomphe
Three of us in Musee du Louvre


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