Back on Bike

Finally I bought a bike. This is part of my year 2017 resolution – which is to have regular sports activity. As running is not (yet) my thing, riding a bike is a more feasible option.

I used to have Dahon folding bike before. But I have not used it for long time, so when my maid asked for it, I had no hesitation to give it away. And I’ve been eyeing Brompton bike for about some time. Well it was love on first sight when I tried my friend’s Brompton bike during my stunt act as Jokowi couple of month ago. “I got to buy this bike”.

And Alhamdulillah, here is my “Superman”. Painted in navy blue and red, just like the Man of Steel, I picked 2017 Brompton S6. It’s really pleasant to ride, and, as Brompton is famous for, ready to be custom-fitted with many useful and fancy accessories and gears 🙂

So this morning, I asked my friend Richard, who is Brompton’s owner for long time, to accompany me riding Superman for the first time. We started our ride from Cipete heading to Kemang, where we stopped for coffee at Starbucks. It’s still an easy ride, with time spent more on chats and taking pictires pictures (LOL), but I really enjoyed the exercise, and would expect to see myself adding the mileage of Superman significantly in the next few weeks, and helping me to achieve my 2017 health resolution and fitness regime. Aamiin!


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