Refreshing Cycling in Ragunan Zoo

Committed with our biweekly cycling schedule, today we took much less distance than 2 weeks ago. The total distance covered is “only” 20 km: from home to Ragunan Zoo, cycling inside the zoo, and return home. Although the distance was only half from our epic trip to Kota Tua, but actually the route was quite demanding, due to elevation.

We arrived at Ragunan Zoo around 6, and the zoo was just opened. For runners and bikers, coming early is the recipes for satisfying sessions. As there are not many visitors around, which help you to enjoy your activity in green, serene environment.

It’s been years I haven’t been to Ragunan, and I think the local government (I think it was started under Jokowi/Ahok administration) revamped the management and revitalized the zoo management. The park is very clean and well maintained. I and Rafif didn’t stay on the main roads, we took many detours to jogging tracks which circle the lakes inside the zoo. And what a nice track it was. We couldn’t help but admire the greeneries we observed along the way.

Alas, while we’re happily cycling, big rain came. It was already cloudy and raining lightly when we started from our house, but this was different. Luckily many big trees nearby which we could use as shelter.

As the rain continues to fall, then I think it was probably good idea to have breakfast while waiting it subsides. We stopped by one of many food shelters in the zoo, and had our breakfast. Nice.

Thankfully after breakfast the big rain was gone. So we continued to circle around the zoo, and took a look at the animals. It was such a great idea to visit the zoo on bike. It’s fun and healthy.

After an hour of cycling inside the Zoo, we rode back home. We took different route back, through Jalan Moh Kahfi – Jalan Bango and back to Jalan RSPP near Citos. As the weather is cold after the rain, we didn’t feel too tired, but the bikes do need serious cleaning when we arrived at home. Happy! So, where’s next?


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