Ultra Happy in Ultraman Restaurant

My little sister, Chita, who is a permanent resident in KL, has been telling us about this Ultraman Restaurant on the ground floor of her apartment at Damansara, KL. She used to live in our house, so she was kind of witnessing and helping raising Rafif (and Aya). She exactly know how Rafif loved the Ultraman when he was still toddler. So when she heard about the opening of this restaurant last year, the first thing came to her mind was to take Rafif here.

Today that plan came to realization. We took the MRT ride from Bukit Bintang to Damansara, and headed directly to the restaurant. Chita fetched us in TTDI MRT station, and took us to there meeting with her husband, Bona.

The restaurant is called “Ultra Heroes”, and it is indeed an official franchisee of Ultraman universe. They have a quite nice store selling Ultraman merchandises. Albeit a bit pricey, but the stuffs they’re selling are unique and surely would make Ultraman fans feel like kids in candy store. Had been contemplating over stuffs to buy, Rafif finally chose t-shirt to bring home.

Initially we didn’t think of eating in the restaurant. But after looking at the menu, we were hooked. Because they serve most of the dishes incorporating Ultraman (or its monsters) character. The one I ordered, for exampe, was Ultraman Tiga Burger, with Ultraman Tiga face stamped on top of the bun. Cute.

Other favorites are Chicken curry and Ultraman bento. Both with spiced rice served in form of Ultraman’s head. Of course, we would not start eating the food before taking its pictures! 😉

But the best thing was, the food did not disappoint! You could be forgiven to think that serving Ultraman characters on your food sounds gimmicky. But actually, they’re also taste good! Elok, Aya and Rafif love the curry. Adek Chita was also impressed with the bento. All of them found the spiced rice is very tasty. While I didn’t finish my chicken teriyaki burger (the size is big!), it is also delicious and unique.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this restaurant if you want to try different kind of food served in unique way. Especially if you’re fan of Ultraman, you would be ecstatic to be here. I know Rafif was ultra happy (pun intended). Thanks so much Tante Chita and Oom Bona!


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