KGB Burger: As Advertised

It is displayed in this restaurant: “because life is too short to eat bad burger”.

We can’t agree more, but not sure what is definition of “bad burger”. Does McDonalds cheese burger qualifies as bad burger? It’s probably the same question we should ask whether Starbucks coffee is a bad coffee?

I personally don’t think so. As regular customers of McDonalds and Starbucks, I find the convenience of having familiar taste wherever you go is a big plus.

But I also think that KGB Burger, a local burger franchise in KL, does as it’s advertised. It is really good burger. I ordered cheese burger with crispy beef bacon, which tastes really nice. The burger looks big, but actually when you ear them, the meat and the bread don’t full your stomach. So it’s a good portion for me. They also serves truffle fries and wedges with dips, which also tastes great.

When you’re around in KL, and is looking for something a bit different than local specialty dishes or those global players menu, come to this local burger gourmet, you won’t be disappointed!


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