Rafif Day of Turning to Adulthood

The birthday boy with the big family

My boy Rafif Satrio Mulyaputra turns 17 today. We had a small celebration at Bambu Apus.

When he was asked to deliver his birthday speech, being Rafif, he started with the word of “Crap!”, before then mumbling about the burden of being adult with heighten responsibilities and expectations. LOL. Exactly son!

Delivering his birthday speech. Titled: “Crap” 🤣

He even performed his Kamen Raider dance as symbol of his transformation to adulthood. Haha. Always unique, free-spirit and original this guy. Love you lots.

Kamen Rider move, transforming to adulthood. Such an irony.
Found this gift of money inside the cake. Thanks mom!

Hope you’ll find your path to achieve your dreams and to become what you aspire to be. Insya Allah aamiin ☺️🙏

Eyang Kung, Eyang Ti and their grandchildren

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