Heavy Metal (Farewell) Celebration!

Top: with my beloved HRG team, Bottom: the whole HR team in black

After close to 8 years completing my mission in HSBC, it’s time for me to move on to next chapter.

Next week will be my last week working under this bank. It’s been a very eventful ride, full of challenges, achievements, but also pride and joy.

I’m blessed to be surrounded with not only great colleagues, but also great friends, who’ve been riding the waves with me, being in sinking or surfing times!

The next one week will be full of celebrations (i hate to say farewell). Celebration of love, friendship and inspirations from this big family of Hexagon.

It’s already started last night. And boy, what a blast it was to start the celebration.

A Heavy Metal theme party from the HR Team. No tears (ok, almost), only heartfelt appreciation, fun song and dance in black outfits.

I look like the bloke from Wayne’s World movie 🤣

The team prepared it as surprise for me. Only revealing that they prepared the iconic Rolling Stones shirt and hair wig when I arrived at Papilion Kemang, the event place. Everybody is in black (except our own Freddie Mercury), ready to have fun.

Such an ideal “farewell” party for me. Full of laughs, passion and inspiration. Because life is too short to be sad. Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called a present. And tomorrow is a new beginning, so we shall embrace with optimism.

Thank you, Team. You rock!

All is looking great in black!
With beautiful ladies in leather jackets. Luv ❤️
Dengan duo MC heits malam ini, Yudhi dan Dinda. Baby boomers and millenials acted in unison. Age is just a number 😬
With HR Leadership Team – I wish I could always have team with this strong ability!
Cici Vera stole the limelight with her cute Maroon 5 interpretation 👏👏
With the faces who are behind this great celebration. Thank you all!
Reading what the team impressions about me – presented in a plague a gift. Thanks guys, I hope I leave (mostly) positive impressions for you!
Receiving the gifts and appreciation from Mbak Caecil, Ella and Chindra. So blessed with the pour of love ❤️
With team of Talent & Learning, Performance & Reward, Resourcing and WFA

With Santi, Otto, Edwina, Nidya, Darren and Tasha

(Photo credits: Ilina Kurnia Tjhia, Aris Kurniawan, Theresia Ninik Susanti, IBeNimages)


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