A Lively Evening at Istanbul

A lively scene at Sultanahmet Istanbul, and one of its cute cats

Arrived early evening in Istanbul, I decided to go for a walk. The first aim is to perform prayer in Blue Mosque.

Alhamdulillah I arrived right during Maghrib adzan was recited. Shortly I went to ablution place and joined hundreds of prayers inside the mosque.

Blue Mosque after maghrib prayer

Unfortunately the mosque is currently under renovation. So it took away a bit of its charm. Anyway, one of my checklist in Istanbul has been ticked.

After completing the prayer, I went to a public courtyard in front of Hagia Sophia. Even though it’s already 08.30 in evening, the place was lively. Sultanahmed street was lit with thousands of tourists and trams going back and forth its rails.

Colorful Sultanahmet at night
Very busy Hot Dog stall at Sultanahmet

I was fascinated with these views. My Fuji XH-1 was quickly put up to work, as you can see some of the results here.

And finally, this evening I also ticked my other checklist in Istanbul: meet the cute cats and play with them! Make me miss my cats at home even more!


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