GOTTONG 3: Final Result

GOTTONG 3 Golf Triathlon at Lippo Karawaci

For the third time I participated on Golf Triathlon (GOTTONG). The event was held on Karawaci, involving 27 km of cycling leg, 5 km of running leg and 18 holes of golf. ⁣

I was not as prepared physically as the previous GOTTONG, given the relatively lack of exercise in the past few months (Ramadhan and new job… excuses, I know).⁣

Luckily my golf game bailed me out this time. My could-have-been-better cycling and running times were saved by my best golf round for this year. Enough to put me back in Top 10 for Overall Male classification! Yeay!⁣

Start 05.40
Running Leg
Had great putting day. This one was one of many one-putts that lead to Pars
Short game didn’t disappoint either
Top 10 from 50 athletes. Not bad!

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