Hugs for ASEAN Children Charity Bike and Run

Our Charity Bike and Run

Celebrating Singapore International Foundation (SIF) 30th Anniversary, a group of SIF Alumni Indonesia hold a fund raising campaign to help ASEAN children impacted by COVID-19.

The fund raising was actually initiated for our SIF Batch 1996 Alumni. But for Indonesia, later the theme was adopted to incorporate other batches. It is named “Hugs for ASEAN Children”, as a joint effort to help ASEAN children impacted by COVID-19.

The whole participants took picture with the banner
Great West Sumatera food!

So today around 15 of SIF Alumni Indonesia from various batches gathered in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, to raise awareness of this campaign. Also to have a group exercise which was absent since the start of pandemic.

It was really fun and memorable one. Although the cycling and running did not cover a lot of Kms, at least we had good feast of West Sumatera delicacies.

Here are the rest of pictures and videos of the event.

Batch 1996 Alumni Group
The Group photo from above

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