Messi Crossing Musi

Messi is pondering whether to cross Musi river 🤣

That might sound like England’s paper back page title. Sorry, I can’t help it 🤣

Sporting Messi’s PSG jersey, I had 10K run in Palembang city this morning. Crossing the Musi river, through legendary Ampera bridge, right to the final destination: Jakabaring Sport Complex.

Last September, I supposed to compete in triathlon event at this complex. The event somehow was cancelled, the organizer cited the venue was not ready to host the event.

It was. I found the sport complex look a bit shabby. It was not well maintained at all. And I wonder if I want to swim into the smelly lake.

Too bad, it’s surely far worse than when it hosted Asian Games back in 2018.

Well at least, I had a good run. And also got a chance to try the nice LRT back to the hotel. Thinking of creating vlog on this later.


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