Turning 50: Again, Age is Just A Number

My mirror selfie in the apartment gym, in the morning I turned 50

Finally it arrives.

I’m officially fifty. Or in Indonesia, famously called as “Lolita” – Lolos Lima Puluh Tahun. Passed fifty years old.

Before I arrived to this age, I think 50 is start of old age. Five more years you’ll entering retirement age.

Really? Now I’m that old?!

Although my past mind thought so, luckily my current state of mind don’t think so. And apparently Garmin think the same way too.

I look at my Garmin app today. It says my fitness age is 42.5 years old. A cool 7.5 years younger than my actual age.

My fitness age according to Garmin

I guess my regular exercise helps. My weekly fitness regime prove to be working. I’m glad to have better posture and higher muscle mass. Yes it slowed down a bit last Ramadhan, but I hope I’ll catch up this month.

Excellent VO2 Max Range

I’m also trying to keep my VO2 Max level. Or even improving it. It’s now read in “Excellent” range. Although my Personal Trainer asked me not to do too much cardio exercises. To avoid reduction of muscle mass. But as I enjoy running and cycling so much, I can’t see myself lowering my current level. So be it.

I’ll keep on trying to bulk myself but maintaining my fitness level.

People says that over 50 muscle tends to degenerate, and physical fitness will be reduced. But I guess, age is just a number. While Allah still give me strength and health to do these exercises concurrently. Let’s just do it, should we?


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