Review Film ‘Yo Wis Ben‘: Sangar, Sangar!

Sangar itu artinya bukan serem, tapi dalam bahasa Jawa Timuran artinya apik, bagus. Asli, ini film memang bagus. Di kala teman-teman yang lain terharu biru dengan Dilan yang puitis, Elok justru mengajak nonton film Yo Wis Ben ini. Istriku dengar dari temannya katanya lucu. Dan mungkin juga ketertarikannya karena darahnya yang asli Malang, Jawa Timur,…

Two Thumbs Up for Rogue One!

Two Star Wars fans gave 2 thumbs up for the Rogue One. Impressive. Not your typical pop corn blockbuster movie.. ***SPOILER ALERT*** Made you appreciate even more the sacrifice of Rebel Alliance. Perfect tie in to the Episode IV. And the last scene of Vader slaughtered the bunch of rebel troops is a gem. 9/10….

Jangkrik Boss!

Had HR Movie Night with my HR BER team at Lotte Avenue. As long time fan of Warkop DKI, I find the movie is very entertaining! And with such inspired casts (especially Vino Bastian as Kasino), and excellent mix between classic scenes and today’s jokes. Well done. Can’t wait for the sequel!

Force Awakens!

    I’m a self-confessed Star Wars geek, and my son, Rafif is also a passionate Star Wars fans, so we wasted no time in securing our ticket for the first weekend viewing of Force Awakens in theatre. Sported on Star Wars shirts bought in Toys & Games fair we visited few weeks ago, I came…

A Brilliant World of Wes Anderson

Early this week, I happened to stumble upon a movie called “The Grand Budapest Hotel” in my Apple TV. I have been noticing the poster of this movie, and somehow browsed along about the movie which received many positive reviews over the internet. Then I decided to rent the movie. I was instantly hooked. “The…