Force Awakens!


The force is strong in this family 🙂


I’m a self-confessed Star Wars geek, and my son, Rafif is also a passionate Star Wars fans, so we wasted no time in securing our ticket for the first weekend viewing of Force Awakens in theatre. Sported on Star Wars shirts bought in Toys & Games fair we visited few weeks ago, I came out the theatre happy, brimming with nostalgic moments seeing X-Wing fighters chasing out the TIE fighters, and meeting my childhood hero, Luke Skywalker, even though only on the last scene of the movie. Love it!

Here are some pictures of the day, with Mas Ugik (Elok’s brother) family:


Lunch first before going to theatre


Rafif is so much alike his uncle. They both love fan fiction, robots and movie theme songs!

While I and Mas Dewo are big football fans. haha


Mas Ugiek family with Order 66 shirts


Post movie coffee in Monolog Cafe. We’re generally satisfied with J.J. Abrams’ work!


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