Inside Metromini – Jakarta Metro Bus

Metromini, the orange bus, is notorious in Jakarta. Most of its drivers do not follow road codes, they can speed and stop instantly with very short notice. They will continously overtake the other Metromini in the same route, as if the next passenger is their finish line. Riding inside the bus can grow from thrilling to terrifying experience, depending on the time and the driver you get.

Luckily for me this morning, it was a relatively pleasant experience. Coming back from dropping my car in Car Workshop, I rode in a not busy street and not a packed bus. Thank God.

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  1. Andreas says:

    I can live with the reckless driving, the mini sized chairs, or the usual over capacity nature of the bus. What really bugs me is how the bus crew sometimes cooperate with the wallet snatchers. Damn those b—k.

  2. ibenimages says:

    Well said, man. It’s their side income. Blimey.

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