Visiting Papa and Mama Graveyards 

It’s been almost 2 years since I visited Papa and Mama’s graveyards. And this is one of my main purpose of going to Semarang: to take Elok and the kids to visit them.

The steep stairs going to Cantung Cemetery

They’re laid in Cantung Cemetery, near Tegalsari. To come to this graveyard, we had to take steep stairs along the alleys which were very familiar for me, as I spent many days here during our childhood holidays at my Grandma’s house. It’s quite tiring, although it rewards you with beautiful scenery of Semarang from the top of the hill.

Rest in peace Papa and Mama. I love you and miss you a LOT!

Rafif with Tegalsari neighborhood at the background
Elok and view of Java Mall and Star Hotel at the distance
Walking through one of most memorable alley for me and my sibblings
Family picture, not in Bukchon Village, but just few steps from Cantung Cemetery. Haha!

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