She Wears the Same Jacket!

Line up for jacket registration at Gelanggang UGM, and trying out the jacket for the first time

Sorry friends, but can’t help to take pictures of her and post this! (Sorry for crap pics, she hates me when I took pics of her 😅)

Flew to Jogja with the first flight to take her stepping outside of her crib for the first time of her life, starting a new chapter of life studying in Jogja. Today she has schedule to collect university jacket and ID photo taking session.

And how proud and happy I am to see her wearing the same university jacket like I did 25 years ago. Yes, the jacket’s color may raise eyebrows, and it may not be many people’s favorites, but still, when we don it, we feel the pride as part of Gadjah Mada University. I hope she is too.

Her Student ID Card. Happy to know we share the same nomenclature for Student ID. Mine was 12165/EK, hers is 21594/EK


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