Gadjah Mada University New Students Inauguration (PPSMB UGM)

Aya walking to Grha Sabha Pramana field

I’m driving Aya to Bulaksumur, Jogja, this morning, taking her to inauguration day for Gadjah Mada University (UGM) new students. She joined with 8000+ other new students at Grha Sabha Pramana field (GSP), right in the center of campus for the first day of Pelatihan Pembelajar Sukses Mahasiswa Baru UGM (orientation training)

It is one of the biggest inauguration in the country, as UGM is known as the oldest and biggest university in Indonesia. How proud I am to see my daughter, wearing UGM jacket and soon will share the same campus as I used to have 25 years ago.

Good luck Mbak Aya! Spread your wings!

Here are some pictures I took in the morning:

Thousands of UGM students in front of Grha Sabha Pramana (GSP)

I can’t locate Aya once she joined her group..

Jalan Sosio Humaniora, a street where my campus, and soon-to-be Aya’s campus

The new students of UGM walking across GSP

Koordinator Fasilitator – who are the seniors. Aya said she would love to be one of them next year. Go get it girl!

Two new students of UGM walking across the photo back drop.
New students confident walking to the future. Good luck!Security Team – from students, who politely ushered me out, as there should be no photo taking aside from registered mediaOne of the guard helping the students make their way to the field
One of the parachute team landed at the centre of GSP field
Mbak Aya is surely among these crowd 🙂
The view of thousands of students from GSP during the parachute landing attraction

Here I am, taking selfie in the GSP field. Minutes before I was ushered out by security team 😄
Attending Parents Meeting with University Officials

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