The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The top of Pisa tower, with a plane flying by
This landmark needs no introduction. Almost everyone knows it. The 55 meters tower was started to be built in 12th century. Because of an inadequate foundation on ground (it’s too soft on one side to properly support the structure’s weight), the tower tilted and the tilt increased in the decades before the structure was completed in the 14th century. Thanks to modern day technology, in 21st century, the structure is now stabilized to avoid further tilt.

The cathedral beside the leaning tower, in Piazza de Miracoli

Today is the first time I see the Pisa tower. And honestly, I didn’t expect it’s leaning that bad. It looks to me it’s just needing a gentle nudge to bring the tower to the ground 🙂

The complex where Pisa Tower is located, is named as “Piazza de Miracoli”, which means “Place of Miracle”. The leaning tower was actually the last structure erected in this place. The first two ones were the cathedral and baptistery, built approximately 100 years before the tower.

Great details on Pisa Baptistery

It is obviously a very popular tourist place, where tourists from all around the world tried to strike a pose with the leaning tower. Just like what we did below:

Our pose with the leaning tower 🙂
Familiar scene here: tourists work with their photographer to strike the best and unique pose with the tower 🙂
Yes the wide angle lens make it much more tilted. But believe me, it’s really look like about to crash to the ground! 🙂
The couple in yellow today, with the famous Pisa landmark
Elok is trying to capture her mom’s pose with the tower
The leaning tower as seen from the main gate
The souvenirs seller. Most of these are immigrants. This guy is Bangladeshi, and greeted us with Assalamu’alaikum and “Murah, Murah!” in Bahasa. LOL
Our group, shortly before leaving Pisa


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