Misty (and yet still) Picturesque Venice

The unmistaken view of Venice
Some people says “it is hard to be original when it comes to Venice. Every aspects of the city has been painted, photographed and described a hundred times before by some of the greatest minds of the Western hemisphere”

I guess that was right. I myself had seen many pictures, paintings, and even comics about Venice. I have clear vision of how Venice looks like, and how I should take pictures of this beautiful city.

Alas, this morning gave me unexpected weather.  The mist clouded the city since early day. This casted monochromatic ambience throughout the city. My hope to get sparkling scenes of Venice from bright sunlight was gone.

But thankfully Venice is still as enchanting as ever. The small island on the northeastern of Italy does not need help from the nature to give you interesting point of interests. The decaying walls, the artistic gondolas, and the mirages reflected in every corner of canals, however unoriginal, are still feast for photographers. 

Myself included. 

So here are some of my shots from today. I hope I’m still able to capture the beauty of Venice, one of the most picturesque city in the world, although of course, it’s far from original πŸ™‚

Gears: Fujifilm XE2 with Fujinon lens 14mm, 23mm, 56mm. GoPro Hero 4. IPhone 6s. Edited in Snapseed – with warm color set to enhance to mood.

One of many canals you find in Venice
St. Marks’s Campanile in Piazza San Marco
Bridge of Sighs – named because prisoners would see Venice for the last time from this bridge, with deep feeling of remorse
Venice souvenirs seller at the promenade (Riva Degli Schiavone). The big cruise ship Westerdam is seen at the background
Another souvenir seller, with Venice Basilica at the background
The view of the promenade, at the late afternoon, when finally the sun rays came through the mist
Couples are sitting on the promenade, overlooking San Giorgo Maggiore
Mom is recollecting her memories of her last visit, during gondola ride through the canals
Traffic sometimes happen in the busy canals
The unmistaken view of Venice
Venice famous gondola pier, with San Giorgio Maggiore at the back
Army of gondolas – tourists favorite attraction
The view from Gondola ride: canals, bridges, beautiful old buildings, and a lot of tourists! πŸ™‚
Visitor having fun with the birds at Piazza San Marco
Picturesque Venice draws various kind of people πŸ™‚
Birds and souvenir sellers in front of Venice Basilica
Piazza San Marco with San Marco Basilica and Campanile on the right

The view of Venice promenade, basking from late afternoon sun rays


2 Comments Add yours

  1. sara says:

    dont listen to people when they said it’s hard to be original about venice, it’s absolutely not, our city changes as do people, and secondly on you can show what it looks like in your eyes. i love the postings

    1. ibenimages says:

      Hi Sara, thank you for your really nice comments.. glad you like it πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

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