First Lesson from Rafif’s First Day of Internship: Grow Up, Parents!

So today is Rafif’s first day of internship at Elok’s friend office, a marketing promotion company. This is a requirement for his school curriculum, where he needs to work for a week in real office setting. He was nervous in the morning, asking how was my experience during internship before. Well, you know son, we had nothing like yours today.

I complimented his look this morning, telling him how he looks neat and handsome with the shirt and new sneakers. His response was, “If only I can match that with my performance in the office “. LOL. Nervous, this boy was, as Yoda might say.

So in the afternoon, it was me who was getting nervous, as Rafif didn’t reply my chat message for hours. So the parent started to worry. Does he survive? What if he gets bored? Or if he feels sleepy? Did he have proper lunch? Geez, I didn’t get “Papa Kepo” or “Oom Thom 2.0” (sorry family inside joke) title for nothing 😆

So in my pleasant surprise, Rafif finally replied, telling me and his mom that he really enjoyed the day. “It is lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be”. He was asked to help designing promotion materials, which is something he really likes to do.

a! See, nothing to worry about. My friend once told me that “our children have survival ability far more that we would expect”. I guess it’s right. Besides, my kids are not babies anymore. They’re teens. They grew up, so I guess, as parents, we need to grow up too.

Lessons from today 😊


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