Football Carnival of World Peace


Taking these pictures while waiting for my delayed flight to Nizhny Novgorod. Love to see DOM airport becomes carnival of football. Football fans around the world gathers in sporting and peaceful spirit.

Look at that Uruguay fans, he must have been very proud. And I once wondered, why that Argentinian fans is still here? Aren’t they eliminated already? Also those Mexican fans with their sombreros?

But then I look at myself. Proudly wearing PSIS Semarang shirt, my boyhood town jersey. And my country football team, Indonesia, barely had a sniff for a place in World Cup.

But it doesn’t matter. Our passion and love to football that bring us all together here. We join the world carnival of fun and peaceful football creatures. Suddenly, the world is much better place when I look around here.

#WorldCup18 #peace #football


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