Graduation Ceremony from Hexagon

I’ve been sharing the same organization with these guys for 2.883 days. Spent 408 Mondays – many of them filled with tough, head-aching Monday Management meetings. It becomes the longest period I’ve ever been in one organization.

Because working with these guys have been a blessing. And being part of one of the largest bank in the world that is thriving.

Yes, we had arguments. Yes, not all of our plans were successful. And yes, not everyday ended in high note. But that made me a better person, personally and professionally. It completed my story and helped me to fulfill my mission.

Thank you for coming to my “graduation” ceremony last night. I truly meant what I said last night on my speech. It’s such an honor to work with you and serve the great organization that cares for its people.

See you again! 👋


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