Farewell My Best Friend Ervan (aka Jurig, Jidat, Laser, Udin)

Dear Ervan aka Jurig, Laser, Jidat…

Just want to say thanks to you for being one of my best buddies. I remember we were so close, yet we liked to lie and tease each other. Up to the point we couldn’t make sure whether we’re talking straight or just talking sh*t to each other ☺️

I remember vividly this scene: back in Jogja, 7 February 1992. You hurriedly waking me up on that early morning. While we just slept for few hours after long boys night out. I thought you were joking as usual. I shrugged you off and hid my head back in the pillow.

You shook me my body again, yelling. Repeatedly. This was getting too much, my bro. I was getting angry.

Until I saw tears in your eyes. And you shout that magic words, “Demi Allah, wake up Ben!

Then I knew it was serious.

Apparently, you were about to tell me the news that Papah just passed away. And you were there with me, consoling and helping me in that chaotic day. I won’t forget that bro. You’re always be a friend I could count on.

I’m sorry I’ve lost contact from you for the past 10 years. I tried to reach you, but in the end gave up trying.

And the news I heard this morning was nothing but a shock. I wish it was just a joke.

But it’s not. You’re gone to meet your maker.

Farewell my friend. I hope Allah forgives all of your wrongdoings and sets you up there in best place. Give my hug to Papah when you meet him there.

You’ll always be remembered.



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