The New Ride: Black Panther

The Black Panther: Cannondale Supersix Evo 2020. My new ride pictured in Antasari fly over today.

Meet my new ride: The Black Panther.

Yea, I finally got myself a road bike. Having set a goal to myself to train for triathlon, I think I need a proper bike to prepare for it.

Does it sound like a lame excuse? Hahaha.

Anyway, that’s really my midlife crisis goal: completing a triathlon.

I know I don’t need to buy a road bike now, as the event might only happen post Covid19 pandemic. Probably in 2021.

But having browsed range of “beauties:, i.e. slick road bikes, I stumbled upon Bike Radar’s Bike of The Year 2020: Cannondale Supersix Evo Ultregra. Somehow its minimalist decal and semi-aero design really fit my eye. And apparently when I first time considered to add road bike into my collection one year ago, this model was also the one I had my eyes on.

Unfortunately with cycling-craze which is happening in Indonesia right now, the stock of available bikes at my size is not in abundance. I spent last two weeks to browse around. And with help of my friend, Andreas, whose introduction to a store keeper near my office led to close a deal.

Me, raising the Black Panther, hoping it will raise my performance, someday when I do my triathlon 😊

It may not carry the Ultegra groupset that I initially wanted. But as a road bike newbie, I think I can live with Shimano 105 for a while (not sure how long, LOL). Also the frame color scheme is not my first option, but as I look around Instagram, there are ways to make the ride become sexier and more handsome. It’s just need more funding. Ouch.

But watch this space. As his colleague, Batman CHPT3, Black Panther will get more armours in future. Then completing the triathlon mission is closer than ever. Aamiin.

The first Sunday ride with Black Panther: with the Puk Puk gang

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