The Ecstasy of Pain

Top: On the summit with my best friend, Sulis. Bottom: heads down, wondering why I tortured myself again 🤣

Jakarta’s cyclists who have reached Km 0 summit more than once, must be able to see parallels between climbing to Km 0 with riding a roller coaster.⁣⁣
During the ride, sometimes you regret your decision. But once you finish it, you know you have to do it again. The feeling of ecstasy in overcoming your pain, stretching your muscles to the limit, makes it all worthwhile.⁣⁣
Taken during today’s ride: Citos to Km 0 Bojong Koneng. Congrats to @sulistyo.yuwono who made his first summit. Let’s do it again soon! 🤣⁣⁣

Going downhill with a breeze – all pains are forgotten, and the desire to do it again is pounding ☺️

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