Solo Run

Running past Solo old town

Woke up this morning wondering whether I took the opportunity to run Solo (forgive the pun ☺️).

Thankfully I beat my sleepy eyes and decided to hit the road as early as 5 am. As when the morning breeze greeted me, there’s no turning back. It’s just a sheer running pleasure.

Passing the old Dutch heritage building in Mangkunegaran

Add that with the vibe of old Javanese town with a touch of Dutch colony era, the morning was well spent. Felt refreshed and ready for another full day agenda.

In front of Slamet Riyadi statue

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  1. Its such a nice post. I love running. Usually i did in GBK or Lapangan Banteng. Stay healthy.

    1. ibenimages says:

      Thanks bro… I actually just started running because of WFH. And enjoy it so much now. Not yet a marathoners, found it a bit too long for me. Max is 15K. Let’s see in next few months 😀

      1. Step by step bro. Nowadays, i did run 5 time in a weeks, even 5-10 km per session.

      2. ibenimages says:

        Wow! Great! I’m alternating with cycling and swimming.. so normally twice a week. Stay healthy bro

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