Campus Run

Passing through majestic Grha Sabha Pramana

Somehow being in different city give me added energy and motivation to do exercise.

Despite had completely packed agenda until late into the night yesterday, for second day in a row, I went for a run early in morning.

This time the route is familiar. Running around UGM campus which is pretty serene and chilly. The greeneries around Lembah UGM lend its breeze. So despite my ankle feel a bit sore due to back to back run, it wasn’t hard run at all.

The only thing that hard was to decide whether to have breakfast at Soto Kelebengan or SGPC Bu Wiryo.

I finally decided for the latter. With a promise to myself that I have to make time for lunch in Soto Sholeh ☺️

What a solution. Jogja memang istimewa.


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