Morning Stop at Warkop Modjok 

On our way to Lembang, we accidentally passed by Warkop Modjok, a nice rustic place which is popular, or so they called “Instagrammable” spot. So we stop, have a sip a coffee, and took some pictures at this place. 

Spiegel Bar & Bistro: A Coffee Place with Long Heritage

When we’re exploring the rejuvenated Old Town of Semarang, we found this place, set up in an old Dutch heritage building next to ‘Gereja Blenduk’. As coffee addict who always look for cozy coffee place during our holiday, we didn’t hesitate ourselves to enter the cafe, escaped from the hot and humid afternoon of Semarang….

Enjoy Tuku Coffee

  After the lunch in Citos, we’re craving for good coffee. So here we go, we took my family to Tuku, our favourite coffee stall in Cipete. It’s  great, with just one regret: the serving is too small! 🙂