Motley New Year’s Eve 2019

The motley family embraces New Year 2019

We come prepared this new year’s eve. Elok and her twin sister has this idea of preparing backdrop and props for our family photos.

So while we have our annual BBQ dinner on New Year’s eve, we equip ourselves with props and took colorful photos of us.

The shabu shabu and BBQ dinner
Elok and her sister, brother and sister-in-law

Such a brilliant idea, as we look lovely and lively in this last hours of 2018.

Hope this great spirit continues in 2019, and Allah bless us with joy, love, health and happiness in the new year. Aamiin!

Happy with the gift exhanges!
Before the gift exchanges
The boys with Bapak
The grandchildren and grandparents
Another picture of my family

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