My Annual Golf Review 2018

Above: Gemblung Golfers golf trip in Magelang and Jogja; Middle: Birthday Golf Trip in Bali; Bottom: Watching Henrik Stenson in close quarter during Indonesia Masters

I’m not too ecstatic to share my 2018 Golf Review as I did in previous years. The main reason are two: (a) I made no progress on my game; and (b) I’m currently on golf hiatus due to my back-pain. Ouch.

But anyway, as this has become my annual tradition, I’ll share the low down anyway… buckle up.

I made no progress on my game…

Yeah, “no progress”, to put it lightly. The brutal truth of this is that my game has gone backwards.

My golf stats in 2018 (source; GolfShot)
  • My average round score was 86.9. Again, this is worse than 2017 average, which was 86.3. And even worse from 2016 average (85.9)
  • I had less par and more bogies (29% par and 51% bogies, compared to 32% and 48%, respectively)
  • Although I hit slightly more fairways (66%) and greens (32%)..
  • But I had more putts per hole – 1.89 compared to 1.86 last year.
  • Hence, my handicap index by end of the year is 9.5. This is worse from last year, which was 9.2.

I played much less round of golf this year…

Remember my target of 40 rounds last year? Forget it. I had only 20 rounds this year. Much less than 31 rounds last year.

Yeah, I stopped playing golf since mid October this year.

A day after I played golf in Bogor Raya (and a week after I played futsal-which I suspect was the main reason), I suddenly felt horrible pain on my back when I bowed during my evening prayer. I couldn’t even walk that night.

The day after, I had my scan, and doctor told me the verdict: I have a bad nerve at my 5-6 lumbar. I have to stop heavy exercise that put too much strain on my back. Golf included. Sigh.

You don’t expect to see me swimming in my golf post. But that’s the reality I have now. By doctor’s order, I’m not allowed to play golf for time being, and do swimming instead!

So, there goes my golf rounds in 2018. Until the time of this article posted, I have not touched my clubs again. Hopefully soon.

I didn’t win anything.. no trophies..

Usually every year I would have added some trophies to my cabinet, thanks to annual golf tournaments held at my office.

This year, I participated in three tournaments. Other than usual office tournament, I played at Kagama (Uni alumni) and OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) tournament. Not only I came empty handed on all three tournaments, I played awful.

Some of my golf pairings during the year

I could make excuse of fighting jet lag for the OJK tournament, but on the other two, I was simply not good enough.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. I still have certain highlights in my golf life this year…

Yeah, let’s see the silver lining ok?

Early this year, we had really fun Gemblung Golfers outing in Jogja and Magelang. Went there with my best buddies, we had such a blast that weekend, playing golf in great courses, and enjoyed local culinary excursions.

Then in May, I got surprise gift from my wife: a trip to Bali which include a golf round in Bali National Golf, Nusa Dua. What a lovely present!

Finally, for the very first time, I watched live golf tournament, involving two top ranked golfers in the world: Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson. Watching them play, make you feel humble. You realized that no matter good you’re playing on your weekend rounds, these guys are another level. These guys are good.

So on that note, I conclude my review for 2018. Let’s hope my back recovers soon, and I can start swing my golf clubs again.

That itself would already be an achievement. Regardless the score, and regardless if I ever made progress on my golf game this year.

Insya Allah aamiin.


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