Back to the Golf Course After 4 Months!

My swing and the two foursomes for today

Finally after four months not touching my clubs, I’m back to golf course today!

Suffering from back pain, I was advised by my doctor to avoid putting extra stress on my back. Heavy lifting and futsal are banned. Swinging golf clubs, sadly, are also blacklisted. Only swimming is encouraged.

So after four months of regular swimming and back therapy exercise, I feel I’m ready to hit the greens.

This afternoon my former office colleague, Stuart, is coming for long weekend in Indonesia. He asked us for a round of golf at Cengkareng Golf Course.

Excited to meet a good friend, and have been itching to play golf again, I accepted the invitation.

Stuart make putt on back nine

So here I am, playing my first 18 holes of golf in four months, under scorching sun.

Thankfully, my back held up.

And more than that, I actually played decent round of golf. Opened with double bogey in the first hole, I had three pars in the first nine.

I felt very tired in last few holes, but I managed to make par in very last hole after series of bogey trains. Such a great ending which reminds me how I love this game.

My two pars in first nine, and round of 89 today. Can’t complain.

I’m so happy to be back on golf course. And I can’t wait to hit the greens again.



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