Mbak Aya Turns 20


I still vividly remember where I was when I turned to 20 years old.

It was in my rented small room at Karang Wuni, Yogyakarta, painting a self portrait of myself. Studying at UGM, a year after I lost my dad, I hardly could visualize what life would bring to me after.

Apparently, my daughter Aya has some resemblance to my situation when she turns 20 years old today.

She is studying at the same campus, and also had similar difficulties to visualize what life would bring to her either. Not because lack of options as I was, but because she has plenty to choose from.

20s is your gate to the future Mbak Aya. I experienced a lot of great things while I was in 20s. I went abroad for first time. I graduated from UGM. I had my first job. I married your mom. And then I have you. Life has been treating me well ever since.

So use your time well. Choose your options wisely. And Insha Allah, life will treat you much better than I was.

Happy birthday my girl. Love you lots ♥️

May Allah be with you, always.

Birthday dinner at Inter Continental Hotel Pondok Indah
With her birthday cake earlier today at home
Mother and daughter
Father and son

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