Meet “Batman”, The Dark Knight.

Batman in one of intersection along Malioboro road

I named my first Brompton Superman. With its Navy and Red color scheme resembles the man of steel.

When I bought this Brompton CHPT3, I asked my Instagram followers for name ideas. They came up with many interesting ideas, and I couldn’t decide which one to use.

Until recently I had an idea to make this CHPT3 lighter. With its Titanium body frame, this bike carries less weight than Superman. But not quite enough for my liking when commuting using MRT. So I planned for weight reduction.

The first stage is to replace the wheelset with Joseph Kuosac 2 speed carbon. The change from 6 speed to 2 speed gave quite significant reduction. And to complement the new rim, I changed the Schwalbe Tanwall to black Kojak.

When Batman started the mission. Near Tugu Jogja

Suddenly my CHPT3 sports very different looks. It’s darker, meaner and filled with advanced technologies. Reminds me of the Dark Knight.

So I name it “Batman”. And as in the movie, the Dark Knight keep on upgraded of new weaponries from Lucius Fox, this Batman will also walk at the same path. Stay tuned.

Oh btw, here is Batman on his first mission in lovely city of Jogja ☺️

The Jogja rail station is Gotham-esque. A fitting background for Batman
In front of Beringharjo market

And lastly, here is the video of Batman on its first mission:


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