Pro Cycling Photos Phenomenon

Me, my road bike and the professionally taken photographs from the photographers

I’m not sure if this phenomenon also happens in your city.

In city I live, Jakarta, Indonesia, there are now many photographers who capture the cycling craze. They’re waiting in certain spots in favorite cycling loop or segments in the city. Within hours they upload the pics on their Instagram accournt. With big watermarks. If you want to remove the watermarks, you contact them and pay a small fee. Usually it’s around IDR 75.000-100.000 per frame (USD 5-7).

Apparently many of them are sports event pro photographers whose income significantly affected because of pandemic. So they’re just trying to survive, really.

So I regularly buy photos from them. Chip in a bit. And it’s a win-win really. You can see here some of their great works of me riding my SupersixEvo!

Have a nice cycling day!


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